Best Meal of My Life

By | November 20, 2005

Last night to celebrate our third year anniversary I took Jenna out to Lux Steakhouse and without a doubt it was the best meal of my life. I have eaten a lot of good food in my day but last night was epic. In a no holds barred feast I enjoyed a 9 oz. $30 fillet mignon and Jenna and I split $12 lobster macaroni and cheese. I have been to the Keg a few times and always left pleased but Lux beat it hands down.

I also judge restaurants by their bathrooms and Lux one that battle too. There were ice cubs in the urinal. At first I was disturbed but soon found immense pleasure in this. If you can afford it, I would highly recommend it. The rest of the anniversary was grand too but that steak was divine”

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