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My Ice Dragons Season in Review

The gloves are still drying from the final game of the Ice Dragons playoff game last night and the wound of this loss is going to take months to heal. For the second year in the row the Ice Dragons were ousted from the EMHL summer coed post season by the AMS Shredders in a… Read More »

My Non Superstitious Playoff Run

For better or worse the 2011 NHL Playoffs have come to a close. I was able to watch the Vancouver Canucks play until the middle of June, and with a game almost every other night I had it all. My alcohol consumption increased, I grew a few more gray hairs during the stressful first round… Read More »

My Year Beard

Same team. Out in the same number of games. Shaving the beard on the same day. I thought the lessons that were learned on May 11, 2009 would have helped the Canucks and I. However, history repeats itself and now there are a summer of questions. This year the beard lasted 27 days, April 15… Read More »

My Beard Return

Day two of the playoffs mean day one of the playoff beard. Vancouver starts their series against sixth seed Los Angeles tonight and I am hoping this will be the start of a beautiful thing and by June I will have a disgusting and shameful beard. Again, the word ‘beard’ is used loosely, I don’t… Read More »

My Playoff Beard

I had a dream. A dream that would have taken the Canucks all the way to the Stanley Cup finals. This year felt different, it felt like we had a chance. We came off an amazing second half and went into the first round of the playoffs with a full roster. To celebrate the occasion… Read More »