My Second Round Dog

By | April 23, 2009

Canucks Rbk Logo (75px)The Vancouver Canucks live to see another round. It may have been over in four games but it was anything but a lopsided series. St. Louis fought extremely hard and played an aggressive series. Had it not been for Luongo’s goal tending performance and the lackluster Power Play from the Blues this could have easily been a seven games series.

Which leads me to an interesting fact about the Canucks series victory. In addition to being their first series sweep in franchise history, it is also the first time the Canucks have won a series in under seven games since 1994. And the memories of 1994 are still very real to me. I am not one to get wrapped up in stats or history, but if this playoff run is going to be different from ones before it then it certainly is off to a good start.

Canucks Push Down Blues

The advancement to the second round also means by playoff beard will be around for another week or two. However the results have been less than impressive but it amuses everyone who sees it. I can only hope that if Vancouver goes deep into the playoffs that my beard doesn’t become the source of great shame while I support my team.

Tube Steak Challenge

Hot Dog Challenge - 45

When does a hot dog cease to become a hot dog? What constitutes a hot dog for this Tube Steak Challenge? Last night there were four buns and four hot dogs but they were the least enjoyable hot dogs I have consumed since I started keeping track. The buns were freezer burnt and the top half was too hard while the bottoms were thin and unable to maintain the buns integrity.
The hot dogs were well enough, except one side was burnt more than I would have liked. I feel like I am dishonoring the other 41 hot dogs before them by adding these four to this batch but there are expected highs and lows in any challenge and this was a definite low point. I will have to do right by them and make sure the next hot dogs have fresh buns from the bakery and complete with all of the fixings.

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  1. Aaron

    It amazes me how fast hot dog buns go bad in the deep freeze. I’ve taken to wrapping them in saran(sp) wrap and then putting them in a heavy duty freezer bag, and that seems to help. This is more of an issue in the winter, as summer is the season for hot dogs and everything is used up faster.

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