My Missing Nail

By | June 27, 2006

Just over three months ago I went to Fernie for a ski trip. While the skiing was fantastic, I came home with an unfortunate souvenir.

I tried various methods to alleviate the pain and the bruising, but saw no success. I lived with the black toe, keeping it in hiding most days. Although when it became sandal season the black toe was displayed for all to see, although few commented on it.

Once it became apparent that the nail was separating from the toe I took drastic measures and put some tape around the toe to prevent any abrupt nail removal. It felt awkward for the first few days but then the tape posed no problem.

After playing street hockey during our lunch hours I experienced some discomfort in the toe area. It would pass and I would not think about it again until the next hockey session. A few days of this cycle passed and I decided it was time to investigate the toe and reapply new tape.

To my surprise the nail was nearly off. In fact I could lift the nail off the toe in a clam shell-like manner. With Dad having a medical background he determined we could cut off the nail close to the edge so it would get a chance to dry out and not get caught on any clothing.

And, now, for your entertainment purposes here are some pictures of the toe. This is before I applied the tape that lasted for five days. And this is after Dad cut off most of my nail.

I did some research and I do not think there is a Toe Fairy, because this would have been payday!

Also, check out the previous post for a sample from the System Of A Down concert if you have not already. The light editing I did really brought out the vocals. I should post a before/after editing sample so the powers of post production can truly be realized.

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