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My London Days

I’ve been sitting on the review of our trip to England and France for over a month now. It also took weeks to trim the photos down before uploading them too. It’s not that we didn’t like the trip or there wasn’t much to talk about, it’s just been hard to make time for this… Read More »

My Kingdom Return

In just over two weeks we are returning to England. We were pretty content with our 2009 trip, and after upgrading to a house in May we thought we would stay within Canada for a while. However, those plans changed when we learned that the family we stayed with will be leaving England in 2011… Read More »

My London End

This is a Piccadilly line service to Cockfosters. The trip to Marseille took place a week after we landed in London but I will write about it last to keep the flow of London going. It was nearly a week into our trip and we were feeling confident. We gotten used to the time change,… Read More »

My London Beginning

I have been trying to come up with a way to summarize our trip to England, and for lack of a better word, it was amazing. Every aspect of our vacation was exciting, fun and totally worth it. For two weeks we were on the go, doing something, walking to a new area and experiencing… Read More »

My Great Kingdom Leave

That’s it. The bags are packed, the Canadian Tire Monopoly money has been converted into British Sterlings and Euros and we are ready to watch the sunset and rise on the same plane ride. Jet lag may be my biggest enemy. We will hit London on our midnight, their morning. Anyone who knows me understands… Read More »