My Four Fold Phone

By | October 1, 2008

The launch of the Do Not Call List yesterday generated 1,562 calls per minute, according to the CTRS. The website, which was down for me throughout most of the day, had received nine million hits by mid afternoon.

If there was any doubt that this system would not be popular then the Canadian public spoke very loudly! When the 30-day grace period ends and our number will be skipped on phone lists Jenna and I will be down in Mexico but upon our return we should have no fear of answering the phone.

If we do see 1-800, or 1-866 flavor number we can assume that it is from a company we deal with and finally learn about the new deals Presidents Choice Financial, Citi Bank Mastercard or Rogers Canada have to share with us.

Flip Fold For All

Last weeks season premiere of The Big Bang Theory showed Sheldon using a t-shirt folding machine named the Flip Fold. I originally saw this device in use during a YouTube video years ago and loved it. It puts everything in a neat and proper form and a single shirt is completed in seconds.

I could never justify the $20 retail cost for a few plastic pieces but admired the idea. When I saw the Flip Fold in action again last week I became determined to make my own using a tutorial like the one below. Once I complete this cardboard machine expect a complete trip report.

How to make your own shirt folder (1:31)

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