My Too Late Idea

By | September 9, 2008

This idea seemed so obvious that it was a sin that it was not already in production. It would not be a profitable notion but it would have been extremely handy. Allow me to give you some history with a conversation I had with Scott yesterday.

Sean: I wonder how far away Hawaii is from the United States compared to Japan?
Scott: Hmm, if only Google Maps allowed you to do the distance between places; not give you a route or anything but just how far apart it is.
Sean: That is a brilliant idea, suggest that to Google now!

We couldn’t find a ’suggestion box’ right away and our conversation wrapped up thinking we had thought of the addition to Google Maps. Right along side being able to track Hurricanes, California forest fires and road reports having a distance calculator would be all you ever needed. I was so proud of our brainstorm that I told Jenna about it that night and never gave it a second thought.

Distance from Hawaii to LA and Tokyo

This morning Scott tells me that he found this ‘distance’ add-on to Google Maps here, and it does exactly what we wanted. We played with it for a bit, measured distances and looked to see where it would curve around the globe and that was that. A wonderful addition to Google Maps was already there for us and our brilliant idea was late to the party.

In case you were wondering it is 4,100 KM from Honolulu to Los Angeles and 6,200 KM from Honolulu to Tokyo.

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