My Slow Motion Daydream

By | May 10, 2007

We like pop. We like soul. We like rock but we never liked disco.

Last night was memorable in every sense. The band played an intense, hit-filled set with great crowd participation and interaction.

Cowboys was a surprisingly good venue and made for an intimate setting with room for five hundred. Brad and I picked a spot just off the dance floor and in front of the soundboard for optimum viewing and sound quality.

For such a great night my only complaint was the time it took for Mariana’s Trench to take the stage. The doors opened at 7:00 but the show did not start until 9:00. It makes for a long night when you have been standing for ninety minutes before the first song begins.

Once the bands started it was three and a half hours of decent music. Mariana’s Trench was a surprise as they played with the passion of Billy Talent, a dose of harmony and had great stage presence.

Tupelo Honey is a band I have heard of but could not recall ever hearing a song of theirs. Their style was very Albertan, and the crowd ate it up. It felt like a strange band to have open for Everclear, but it was certainly better than Volcano (Volcanic?) who opened for them in 2001.

Everclear hit the stage a little after 11:00 and played a solid set with a lot of tunes from So Much for the Afterglow. There was a healthy dose of songs from their other records too and each song would bring me back to my memories of years gone by when I heard the song for the first time.

For the encore Art sounded genuinely sincere about the crowds reception and as a treat played Loser Makes Good from World of Noise, a song rarely played live. At the end of their set Art invited girls on stage to rock out. Then the band busted into a cover of 867-5309/Jenny and closed out the night.

I imagine I will remember more when listening back to the show. Unlike Interpol, I am actually looking forward to editing this show. Curious? Read further”

Everclear Audio
Right Click > Save As to listen to “Santa Monica” from last night. A crowd favorite and one that received a lot of participation.

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