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My Sinking Island

It’s over. It’s over and I feel empty. No other finale happening this week interest me. I feel sad and content all at the same time. I have been counting down to the series finale since 2007 and I never anticipated I would be so crushed on the days following the end. I have not… Read More »

My Aloha to Lost

That’s it. That was the final episode of Lost to air during the weekday. The end is near and the stage is set for the finale on Sunday. On top of all of that I have no idea what is happening. I don’t know how to deal with this. Every year the Lost finale was… Read More »

My Lost Script

There’s no Lost tonight. In four weeks I’ll be saying that every day, but in that situation I have no new Lost to look forward to again. After a healthy run of three months a week off was scheduled to prepare for the May 23 finale. I haven’t written about Lost much this season, or… Read More »

My Oceanic Arrival

Will next season start with them landing at LAX successfully or has all of this happened before and will continue to happen? I wrote that on May 14, 2009 and for the last 265 days I have continued to think about it, understand how it all connects and patiently wait for the last eight and… Read More »