My Aloha to Lost

By | May 19, 2010

That’s it. That was the final episode of Lost to air during the weekday. The end is near and the stage is set for the finale on Sunday. On top of all of that I have no idea what is happening.

I don’t know how to deal with this. Every year the Lost finale was an event for me, but to be on the verge of the final finale, the end all-be all of finales is tough. Whatever I felt for Battlestar Galactica ending will be dwarfed by this. I have been watching Lost since 2005 and soon all of that time invested will be behind me.

It is for the best that the finale is on a weekend and the following day is Victoria Day, so I have a chance to recover and prepare myself for public interactions on Tuesday. I have come to expect a mind bending twist in the final moments of a season finale followed by months of agony and suffering, but I got through the nine month hiatus because I knew it was coming back. After Sunday that’s it.

I am almost positive that whatever I know or understand about Lost will be turned upside down in the finale but I am going to throw some ideas out there, just to document how off track I was. None of this has been influenced by spoilers, everything is speculation and usually the craziest theories are the ones that tend to be partially correct.

  • Jack will be unable to defeat Locke Monster, as he now has the same brotherly powers that Jacob had, so Kate, Hurley and Sawyer will do it. As Locke dies the monster transfers to Sawyer, thus pitting Jack and Sawyer against each other.
  • No one will leave the island, even if the Locke Monster is defeated there will be no way for the survivors to leave and the team will help Jack protect the Light from other people that find the island. The show closes with Jack, alone for decades after watching his friends die of old age, working on a loom as a plane splits in two over the island.
  • After one more betrayal to the 815’ers Ben will die at the hand of Jack.
  • Rose and Bernard will not be involved in any island conflict but they will be collateral damage from the battle, and Vincent will wait for them at the cabin like Seymour did in the Futurama episode Jurassic Bark.
  • The cut on LA X Jack’s neck is from an upcoming event in the Prime timeline, after which the Prime line ceases to exist and everyone switches over to the LA X timeline.
  • LA X Claire will have Aaron at everyone around her will connect to the baby and remember everything.
  • LA X timeline is what happened if there was no Jacob or Man in Black battle.
  • LA X 815’ers will be given the choice to live in a world without love or to go to a time where they experienced that love and had a life purpose but at the cost of death.
  • Dr. Linus will never have that dinner with Danielle Rousseau.
  • In LA X the concert all 815’ers are going to will start with Faraday playing All Along The Watchtower/Final Four Theme on piano and that will magically transfer them back to Prime timeline.
  • Lapidus and Richard are having a big BBQ on The Hydra enjoying the rest of the Dharma beer.

In closing, here is a fantastic fan made trailer for the final episode, The End.

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