My Mocking Bird

By | May 2, 2008

I have had three images in my post for the last few days, and since none of them were worthy of their own post they will now join forces to make a mediocre post told through images.

Last.FM 70,000 TracksI reached a milestone with yesterday and scrobbled my 70,000th track. That number would be a lot higher if iPod plays were counted but even still this works out to 38 songs a day. This play count record came only weeks after my fifth anniversary, which is pretty special for a website I joined randomly all those years ago.

CNN Breaking Story: Bird Stuck

The 500 birds trapped in oil in Northern Alberta is pretty big news, and it even reached several national news sources. CNN did cover it, but it looks like they found a far more interesting story to cover. Why won’t anyone think of the pelicans?

It seems everyone is playing this game except me.Grand Theft Auto IV was released this week to midnight openings and high accolades. It seems that everyone I know is playing this game. This is not a shot of my friends list, but certainly conveys how I felt when I saw all of my Xbox Live friends playing this game for a short period one evening.

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