My Make Like A Tom

By | May 20, 2008 is having a Father’s Day DVD sale and I noticed Minority Report was on sale. Since I already own the movie I wasn’t interested in purchasing it, but what caught my attention was that Colin Ferrell was the actor they listed to sell the movie.

Minority Report with lead actor being Ferrell

I didn’t think Ferrell had a big part in the movie, and when I confirmed with IMDB’s listing of full credits Ferrell is listed twenty-fifth. Suspicious? Definitely. Is Amazon afraid to promote Cruise movies with his name? Are they a part of the Xenu project?

Would Amazon sell Top Gun promoting Val Kilmer or Whip Hubley? Will Days of Thunder be plagued by the same thing and list Chris Ellis instead? Fortunately neither of those two movies have been cleansed of Cruise but is Amazon a part of an underground movement?

If Amazon is up to something they didn’t let Google Trends know. Searching for Tom Cruise brings up data whereas his Minority Report counter part does not even show on the Trends radar.

Your terms – colin ferrell – do not have enough search volume to show graphs. Google Trends

More details to come as this conspiracy is uncovered.

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