My Air Siren

By | January 6, 2008

I realize the purpose of having a presence in the air for the police service is to have a birds eye view of a situation. If you are in pursuit of a vehicle on the highway a helicopter will allow the officers a chance to track the suspect. At night infrared and a spotlight can track down someone on foot.

EPS: Air OneThe other day I wondered if the Eurocopter EC-120, more familiar as Air One, is equipped with sirens. As with most things that cross my mind, they are senseless, but maybe this one has merit? Throw a giant cherry on the helicopter, turn on the siren and tear through the skies.

Cessna’s and Boeing’s alike would be getting out of the way if Air One had sirens a blazing. I say, put a siren on even when it is being used to follow a suspect. Add some color in the air and give those in a high speed chase something to look at through their sunroof as they speed through traffic on a crisp and cool autumn evening.

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