Cleaning Math

By | November 16, 2005

A few weeks back I talked about the hierarchy of organization in our house. Well in the last week there has been some dramatic improvements and it seems that hierarchy is about to be reworked. Once we removed the fridge it was down to business for Dad who got a start on cleaning up the mess.

Let’s break it down and do some math on this.

We went through one of these in the week, filled three of these and in the end gave me this. That’s right folks, you are looking at two exposed walls in our basement, something that we have only dreamed of. Due to some crazy health and safety regulations I’m unable to show you any before pictures of the basement – I think seeing the mess would have turned you to stone or something, but you can knock yourselves out by looking at some more pictures of the trailer and the newly cleaned out basement.

Trailer 1, Trailer 3, Trailer 4, Trailer 5, Basement 2, Basement 3

It’s amazing what you can find in the basement. In Basement 2 the brown box standing on its end to the right; that’s vintage Louis Vuitton dated about thirty years back. We also have an old one-armed bandit that Dad picked up for cheap probably around the same era.

We have a lot of stuff but some of it is pretty neat. There is an unopened vintage Coke bottle downstairs (that I almost broke), which would probably go nicely in the old Coca-Cola cooler we have as well. Although I think in order to get neat stuff, you need to have a pretty high quota of junk.

I have been playing a lot of NHL97 on Sega the last few days and it’s a blast. The scrolling-image problem only seemed to occur on the 65″ TV as it doesn’t happen on the Wega in my room. I am still terrible at Mortal Kombat, there was a time I knew the finishing moves (or any special moves for that matter) for most of the players but now I just hit the pad and hope for the best.

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