Winter Wonderland

By | December 7, 2005

A few days have passed and no crazy game show schemes or restaurant ideas have come to mind so I guess that leaves you all wondering what have I done with my time? Today is Wednesday for most of you, but for me it’s New-Sunday and what’s Thursday tomorrow is my New-Monday. I spent my weekend watching Lost (I’m up to episode three on season two’such a great show), shoveling snow and getting the Jetta tinted up.

During the first of two drives back from Edmonton today I realized that I enjoy winter driving. It’s chaotic, life threatening, and probably the worst conditions you can face as a driver but I find a sick pleasure in it. When you aim your car down a path cleared for each tire, you have no idea if you’re on or over any line or close to the edge of the road’I find some humor in that. It is probably the diesel fumes or the racer inside of me dormant for the winter months that enjoys the risks but I like it. Of course when you find out that Whitemud Drive is a parking lot because of another mess on Quesnell Bridge and you don’t have to go to work today I don’t mind staying at home either.

I have eighteen days until Christmas and I haven’t done any shopping yet. While I enjoy winter driving, I dislike the holiday crowds. Good thing New-Saturday is a Tuesday so it should be a little quieter when I attempt to tackle the malls.

P.S. : For those keeping track, I watched the entire first season of Lost in less than a week; I started on November 30th and finished December 6th.

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