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By | January 12, 2006

To pass the time on the way to work I have started playing license plate alphabet. At first I would start a new game each time I merged onto the Whitemud. That is, until I stalled on “I”. I went to and from work and there wasn’t an “I” to be found.

I carried the game over to the next day and it wasn’t until I saw a personalized license plate in the West Edmonton Mall parking lot that my quest was over. I had given up hope that I would see a plate that contained “I” in it, because it’s so similar to the number one.

Now, my problem is finding an “O”, which is close to zero. Are there restrictions on which letters you can have in a regular plate? My research on this subject has led me to no real Alberta answers. Here is a listing of letters not used in triple letter combinations, history of Alberta plates here as well as here. I think I will go to the registries tomorrow and ask them about this crazy theory.

Speaking of plates, I saw one that said RED L 1. Being the Star Wars fan I am I thought of X-Wings, epic space battles and R2 units saving the day. The plate could mean something else, but I’m holding onto the idea that the driver is strong with the Force.

In other car related news, on a bright yellow Celica this morning I saw THUG LIFE 2Pac written on the rear window. Yes, my thoughts exactly. To be a gansta thug in Edmonton you need to drive in around in a yellow Toyota or else you won’t get any respect from your hommies down the street. Word!

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