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By | January 10, 2006

The new Survivor starts on February 2nd and the premise for it sounds rather interesting. It’s amazing to think that this show has been on the air since I was in grade twelve, and is in it’s twelfth intallment. I continue to watch it out of habbit but still find enjoyment in it.

I was a big fan of Amazing Race, but their Family Edition really didn’t do it for me. They need to return in a big way for me to watch their program again. The Apprentice is another show that I may drop from my viewing rotation, now if George and Martha Stewart were put in a cage and Donald called the fight – that is something I would watch.

Because of this thread on SomethingAwful I will acquire two Nerf Maverick’s from Toys “R Us, Wal-Mart or the black market because the amount of fun to be had is insane.

Read the thread over and educate yourself on modding of Nerf guns as well as a drinking game – Russian Roulette style! At Dell we played with a Nerf gun, and had loads of fun (until managers got wise to our game) but the Nerf Maverick is fun stock but is better modded. A 23 year old male is excited to buy a Nerf gun – who needs TV if you have Nerf?

Nerf Maverick

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