My Bruised Body

By | September 17, 2006

Forty six hours. Nearly two complete days. Think about what you have done in two days and that is how long I worked. I woke at 6a on Thursday and did not get to bed until 6a on Saturday.

It was one of the most challenging things I have done. I have stayed awake for 30+ hours before, but have never had to focus on one thing and work for nearly two whole days.

Once the clock passed 35 hours I started to see things. A small hole by a door was a spider on the wall. A stack of papers in the office was fluttering in the wind. An image on Yahoo News became animated. When a word had two i’s I saw one. But, I continued to program. Making CurlTV dynamic and working on the payment gateway was my mission.

When someone says “I stopped at a green light today” you know we were all feeling the pressure and fatigue.

With the help of the others who were in it for the long haul CurlTV launched. Sadly it was not on the 15th as we had hoped, but later the next day in the afternoon thanks to the continued efforts of those who had already put in a lot of hours.

I wish I could tell you that when I got home I slept for 12 hours, but I was only able to get seven in before I woke up at 1p. Although it was not long before I went down for a 90 minute nap. After an eight hour sleep this past night I am feeling a lot better. I lost a lot of sleep and doubt I will be able to make it up, but I am no longer speaking in gibberish or seeing things.

From this past Sunday until Saturday morning I put in 89 hours of work. So when someone asks me when I did last week I will most likely give them a blank stare and try to remember where the days went. Although CurlTV is not over with, there are still a lot of features that need to be added but hopefully without the excessive time.

At least tonight is the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Phantom of the Opera on Tuesday, so they are my rewards for surviving and making it through this week.

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