My Yearly Condition

By | March 8, 2007

subungual (sub-UN-gul) hematoma (HE-muh-TOE-muh)

I have a name for it so now I can talk about it amongst my peers. The best resource on the condition I found was here, but Google pulled 21,800 results.

A subungual hematoma is a collection of blood in the space between the nail bed and fingernail.

March 2007 March 2006

When to Seek Medical Care
If the hematoma is 25% or more of the underlying nail area, then medical attention is required.

The subject of the photo on this Wiki article appears to have gotten off easy with what I have been capable of.

Not sure what my plan of attack is. Last year Dad tried, and failed, to get through my bruised nail to relieve the pressure with a hot paper clip. This year I may be upgraded to a hot needle with Jenna at the helm.

The pain comes and goes, but is always there as a dull to medium throbbing pain. The year in between injuries has given me a chance to forget how painful this is. If it happens again next year I will think to myself that this is more painful than the year prior.

The one plus side is I am wearing sandals at work in March. The weather is warm enough to justify it, and while I do have socks on (black to match the sandals) I feel like I am starting a trend. If not saving my co-workers from staring at my exposed feet.

I need to create a medical category for my blog posts for the times that I damage myself bad enough that the effects last a whole calendar year.

Until then, I am still cautious of moving objects and door frames.

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