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By | December 3, 2007

Beds equal sleepI am not sure how many days I am into my night shifts, three? Maybe four. They are improving though. They are not getting worse so I guess they are getting better.

I had a nap that was longer than my actual sleep, so does that mean I only napped? Or did I sleep both times?

I have recently discovered a format in television that is more evident then you would think. When a new show starts they have a Pilot to grab the networks attention and expect an order for a few episodes to be aired.

Winning over the network is a difficult process, but gaining loyalty from fans takes a different approach and a little more time. In fact, it takes four episodes.

I have found that several of my favorite TV shows has sealed the deal with me on their fourth episode. The first three episodes may have been good but the fourth would tell me what the series is capable of.

Lost – Walkabout
Lost was good for the first three episodes but the reveal with Locke was amazing. Even if this episode was flat Lost would still be my favorite show, but this episode took the series to another level.

Locke quickly became my favorite character and he seemed like the only one who knew what powers the island held. Locke’s handicap was done perfectly. The camera zoom out to showing Locke in the wheel chair makes everything you knew about Locke that much more significant and real. You see him in a different light.

Lost: Walkabout

“Don’t tell me what I can’t do.”

24 – Day 1: 3:00 A.M.-4:00 A.M.
I knew I would like 24 but I found the first few episodes of the freshman season a little dull. Kim was lost, for her first of many times, and characters were being introduced. What sold me in this episode was that Alan York, the ‘parent’ who was also missing his daughter and helping Teri find Kim, was not York at all.

This was completely unexpected, showed that the plan for the Bauer’s and Palmer was deeper than we imagined. These twists and unexpected moments are something I grew to love about this show.

24: Day One, Hour Four

I am fudging my own rules a bit but I made them up so I can live in a disillusioned world for a little bit longer. My blog, my shaky rules. The real reveal of York was not until the sixth episode.

Although you became invested and trusted the York character. He was sincere and wanted to help Teri reunite her family and then wham he was evil and not trying to help at all.

Heroes – Collision
A lot usually transpires in a regular episode of Heroes, and this one was no different. I liked the premise of the show and the fact the show could focus on several story lines at once always kept me entertained and wondering what was going to happen next.

Although what made me a fan of this series was the final moments with Peter and Mohinder on the subway when suddenly time stops and Hiro appears on the subway with an ominous message for Peter.

Hereos: Collision

“My name is Hiro Nakamura. I’m from the future. I’ve a message for you.”

Chuck – Chuck Versus the Wookie
I took a chance on Chuck. I watched it because of several recommendations and I found I was not overly excited to watch this show. I enjoyed it but it had not grabbed my attention. I think this is a case of getting to know the characters and understanding their interactions more than any one defining moment.

Lost, 24 and Heroes all had jaw-dropping moments but this episode was just solid on all fronts. The story avoided becoming stale, there was humor and I found that the characters really grew on me. After this episode I looked forward to more Chuck.

Chuck: Chuck Versus the Wookie

“Are you talking about Se?Wookie over there?”

There are exceptions to the Episode Four rule, and not all of the TV shows I like followed this format but if I went and re-watched the fourth episodes of my favorite series I may notice a surprising trend.

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