My Second Hit

By | February 2, 2008

I needed gas. The roads were slippery. 99th street was backed up so I took a side road. I stayed after work to let the traffic down down. It was Friday afternoon.

These are all reasons why it happened. Any one of those could have been the cause, or none of them are relevant. The truth is that him and I were taking a detour from our regular drive because of circumstances.

After work yesterday I was hit by another vehicle that failed to stop at a stop sign. I saw it all play out before impact. I had little room to work with in the intersection, and road conditions were not helping. I did what I could to make the impact less and I am glad I did.

The sound of plastic breaking on a car is so surreal. It has a literal crunch, and the sound is accompanied by a shake in the driver seat. Both times I have experienced this I have been alone, and no one was hurt.

Vanilla Sky: AccidentWhen I think of accidents, big or small, I am often reminded of the car accident scene from Vanilla Sky where Julie Gianni drives the car over the bridge with David Aames in the passenger seat.

Metal, glass and plastic bent and break at once and then it is followed by silence.

Although the speeds were low the Jetta did take some damage and will need some panelling replaced. There is always a bright side to fender benders like this, and it could have been worse. We were both injury free and that is something to be thankful for.

The exchanging of insurance information was very smooth, and the passenger of the other car commented it was the most cordial one he had witnessed.

While we were swapping information I had my hazards on and could not help but wonder if someone who drove by us, or someone from the windows counted me as one on their very own hazard game.

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