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By | September 2, 2008

September 2 turned out to be a very exciting day for us in the technical department at Statusfirm. Like the energy around Christmas day we all waited for Google to release its new browser named Google Chrome.

Google Chrome Beta Image

My excitement for the release of Chrome built when I read Gizmodo, Tech Crunch and Digg posts from over the weekend. When I went to Chrome’s main site and was a little worried that this was all a cruel form of an April Fools joke. Although by lunchtime the download was released and I was following initial reactions of the browser on Twitter.

There is a little bit of tradition around the office when a new browser is released, and today was no exception. When Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 was released we visited all of the sites we had developed to see how badly the page rendered and to our surprise the results were not very ideal. Once word came out that the download became available we all rushed to download and install the browser and see how much memory allocation the pages needed and how they appeared to the user.

Once my installation was complete my first stops were to, and and was pleasantly surprised when all three sites loaded correctly. A new browser means another browser to test and develop for and will no doubt cause the browser debate to begin again at work.

It is days like this I am glad I work with other like minded people because I don’t think Jenna would quite appreciate me shouting out features I am finding, warnings about people standing behind you, nerd stats or referencing stills from the Chrome Comic.

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