My Dearest Homepage

By | December 18, 2008

Dear iGoogle:

We have had some good times, maybe even great times. I would go so far as to say that you have changed my Internet life. You are what RSS feeds were for me years ago. You bring everything I want into one easy location, and you even threw in RSS feeds because you are sweet like that.

I know others were against you when you changed your design a few months ago, but it was okay for me because I was on your .ca domain. We were able to be sheltered from their hate and continue our blissful relationship. I have played with your layout to reduce clutter and left only the important items and you didn’t mind. In fact you encourage change with your themes and recommendations for widgets.

And that’s what I want to talk to you about, your widgets. This is not your direct problem, how can I blame you for wearing a sweater that makes me itch? Or blame you for being seen in public with a scarf that clashes with your toque? I do not know who else to talk to about this so here I am.

Your neat weather widget, which you make so easy to add with the handy “Add to iGoogle” on search results, has given me some very hit or miss information during these winter months but today takes the cake.

iGoogle weather forecast

iGoogle, do you have any idea how cold -48 is? Apparently not, because the Weather Network reports a -30 and your handy search results from earlier show a -34. But a -48, that sort of cold could freeze our Internet tubes.

Baby, I don’t mean to yell but are you serious? I’m asking you as a long time friend, and someone that trusts you, please do something about this.



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