My Galactica Sonatica

By | February 27, 2009

Last week I got the notion in my head that I would like to see Battlestar Galactica music composer Bear McCreary perform his pieces live. I am a huge fan of his work with the series and the two shows he performed last April were well received by everyone in attendance.

Logistically speaking this would be a mess and anything but cheap. Last year the tickets were $20 but when you include airfare to fly into Los Angeles, transportation, food and a hotel room it would definitely inflate the cost; but what a trip it would be.

Bear McCreary Composing

There is no guarantee that a live performance will happen, it’s all speculation. However it is something McCreary wanted to do again and with the series wrapping up next month I think it would be a nice send off. Although all of this could just be one giant Cylon pipe dream.

I will stay on the look out for any performance rumors. If you would be interested in an Alberta to California trip to hear the live musical performances from a science fiction show (as I try my best to sell the nerd factor) get in touch with me.

Top 10 artists

Thinking about making such a trip for Bear McCreary got me wondering about the artists in my top ten list, according to my How many of them had I seen live? If I was such a fan of their studio music then at the very least I should see them perform live.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that there were only three I had not seen live. Besides the aforementioned Bear McCreary The Beatles is one that I will have to live vicariously through historic footage on, but Radiohead is still very around and touring and a possibility.

I may not go out of my way to see Thom Yorke and company live, like I have with U2 or The White Stripes, but if the opportunity presents itself I would do my part to complete this Top Artists challenge. Or maybe I am going about this all the wrong way and should listen to artists that are more prone to touring Canada?

So say we all.

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