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By | March 13, 2009

I had a problem with my music library, but the thing was I did not realize it was a problem until I read about the following on

Sometimes the endless rows of music in my media player leave me at a loss. I have a music collection that I?ve spent years lovingly crafting. All my favourite bands. Yet as I spin my mouse wheel its full length, nothing springs out. I scroll up, scouring the rows for something fresh. I scroll down, searching for some long forgotten treasure. After a few minutes I select ?shuffle? and go make a cup of tea.

I agreed with everything! I have found myself cycling through my music with no goal or objective in mind. Now that does not have to happen because earlier this week introduced Boffin which allows me to create a radio station with my selection of music.

First off, it scans everything in my collection and keeps track of all labels and tags. From here, and with the help of magic from HQ it checks what others have classified that music as and voila I have Sean Radio.


Now, whatever mood I am in for I can find it. If I want to get a splash of alt-country, punk cabaret and rock I can do that. It is like Party Shuffle and Genius from iTunes combined with to make a great product. I have spent hours going through my library and was never bored or uninterested in what I was hearing. Now when I want casual acoustic I won’t be surprised when Stone Temple Pilots or AC-DC come on.

A good company is one that makes a product you use every day. A great company is one that makes a product for something you never realized you needed and does it seamlessly.

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