My Word Jumble

By | April 17, 2009

On my way home yesterday I came across a license plate I could not figure out, it was RNDMBRD.

License Plate - rndmbrd

I was immediately stumped. I tried adding vowels into places and when I said it allowed it sounded like “arandeemembered”. I tried to google rndmbrd but the results were not too helpful. There was a Twitter account for Georgia Pattison and something about Bird-Shaped Tools.

Following Google’s did you mean suggestion of rndm brd was still not helpful in any leads on this license plate.

I can take silly vanity plates, or ones that substitute numbers for letters, but ones that I can’t decipher drive me mad.

3 thoughts on “My Word Jumble

  1. Jaymie

    Yeah, that was my thought too. Or Random Bird. Maybe it’s Gord’s secret car.

  2. Brett

    I also vote for “random bird”. Not that makes any real sense. :p

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