My Adult Cat

By | May 22, 2009

Bauer became an adult yesterday. His birth certificate from the Humane Society said he was born on May 21, 2008 but that is not why he left his kitten ways behind. Yesterday Bauer was able to use his feline mind trick powers to coax a bird into our laundry vent.

He did not realize he was successful in his mission until Jenna turned the drier on to clean some clothes and heard some rustling and a faint chirp. For the next few hours Bauer awaited his prey by the drier, staring at the metallic tubing for hours, waiting for his chance to attack.

When I returned from work I cleared out the laundry room to make room to move the drier and began my extraction of whatever was in the tubing. I had no idea how big, or how small, the bird was in the tubing when I was shaking it out so I expected the worst.

Even though I knew a bird was in the tubing I was still surprised to see a dust covered bird plop into the box. I carried the box to the balcony and took the cover off expecting the bird to immediately fly away. It stayed in the box for a minute or so, examining its surroundings and then flew away seeking salvation in a nearby tree.

Bird in the drier Bird in the drier Bird in the drier Bird in the drier

How the bird got into the drier’s exhaust is a mystery, but I am sure Bauer is already planning his next mind trick on a much larger target for his second birthday.

4 thoughts on “My Adult Cat

  1. Gordon

    Awesome. My dad always used to refer to the small wooden houses in our back yard, as ‘Cat Feeders’.

  2. Brendan

    It was probably a terrorist bird, and Cat Bauer was trying to get secrets out of him.

  3. alex p

    Ha ha ha. thats sooooo freaking awesome. all my cats did to celebrate their coming of age was develop their love of catnip and stone out like the loafers they are.

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