My Phonetically Small World

By | August 11, 2009

Small World
The Internet got a little bit smaller for me on Monday when Sean Gerski made a tweet about finding me online. The spelling on the last name is a little different, but phonetically we share the exact same name. Needless to say I awoke Tuesday morning to quite the surprise in my Inbox!

Sean Gerski on Twitter

We are now e-friends and will be plotting to take over the world as only similar in name people often do.

Tube Steak Challenge
Last Friday my Tube Steak Challenge took another leap forward.

Hot Dog Challenge 12

The Ice Dragons celebrated our summer hockey season with a wrap party at Gord’s where beer and food was provided from the team pot of our subs. Even though my method for remembering the number of dogs I consumed with the caps of beer bottles didn’t work out as planned I reached double digits before the end of the month.

I will be joining Gord and Tyler on a hike in the wilderness later this week up to Landslide Lake and there are hot dogs on the menu so I hope to return from the trip and have a a few more tubed steaks under my belt.

2 thoughts on “My Phonetically Small World

  1. Sean Post author

    I thought you received the Newsletter? Well, at the last meeting our Domination plan was laid out and we will strike soon. When you receive the Decoder Ring we start everything.

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