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By | November 6, 2009

To me there are two types of TV: When Lost is on, and when Lost isn’t on.

Unfortunately we sit in that eight month void when Lost is not on, but I am able to get by with the new fall programming on the networks. My weekly viewing routine has stayed the same as last year, but with a few slight changes.

The cast of NBC's Community

30 Rock and Community join my ‘watch immediately’ category. I was able to catch up on 30 Rock over the summer months and have been happy to add this to my weekly programming. After going through the series in a matter of weeks I was really satisfied and glad to finally catch up on a show that has been dominating the Emmy’s for the last few years.

Community was a leap of faith and it has paid off in a big way. The pilot was made available for online viewing prior to its network premiere so I had read a bit of chatter about from those in TV IV and thought it would be worth looking into. It had a slow start and I was doubtful if I would stick with it, but after a third of its season I look forward to Thursday’s when I can see this in the NBC comedy sandwich.

During the summer months we also caught up on Entourage and Weeds. After seeing bits and pieces of Deadliest Catch we tuned in for its complete season on Discovery and love every moment of it. We can say that we have seen Deadliest Catch in four separate countries, a show none other can claim.

True BloodA surprise addition to my schedule came when I had some time in September to watch both seasons of True Blood. After you binge on a show there is always some separation anxiety, but after finishing True Blood I was in a rough spot. I haven’t felt this kind of withdrawal from a TV show since Dexter. Even now I still miss it, and the wait for its return next summer is made easier knowing that Lost stands between me and the return to Bon Temps.

There Goes My Hiro

HeroesIt has been almost a year since I saw my last episode of Heroes. This time off was not intentional, we just never got around to watching the remainder of season three after its mid-season break. As the months went on we had stock piled enough episodes to binge properly we just never returned.

We continued to put it off in favor of some other time, and when Buffy and Angel occupied our summer we fell further away from Heroes.

Now season four is off and running and with nearly twenty episodes to catch up on our motivation and enthusiasm about returning to a show that has betrayed us was growing thin and I finally made things official and bid farewell to Heroes.

Wingman Deleting Heroes

I have never quit a show during its run. Shows have been cancelled on me (Daybreak) while I was watching and others came to an end (Battlestar Galactica, ER); but I have not stopped mid-season on a show before. Abandoning a show I have invested many hours in was a difficult choice, but it was oddly liberating to no longer have Heroes hanging above me.

4 thoughts on “My New TV Life

  1. Nick


    Indeed, the Lost hiatus has been rough. I’m surprised there was no mention of Stargate Universe. On Heroes, I’ve stuck with it dutifully and I’m quite surprised at the positive turnaround in season 4.

    I’ve also come to quite like Fringe as the mythology is getting deep. I’ve heard good things about Flash Forward and I’m going to check that out.

    If you haven’t seen Eureka, I highly recommend you check it out. It’s in my 2 slot behind Lost in the 1 hour category.

  2. Sean Post author

    We are watching Stargate Universe at lunch and it’s been … okay. I don’t know if I would go out of my way to resume watching it, however. I have read some positive remarks about a few episodes of Heroes this year, but I’ve made my decision and can’t turn back now.

    Fringe has taken a huge step forward this year, and I love it. Waiting week to week for a new episode isn’t tedious but I find that I lose excitement between episodes (unlike Lost) so it’s better saved up for a weekend when you have a few episodes to get through. In classic JJ Abrams style stories or points made in the previous season are finally coming around and paying off.

    Interesting about Eureka ranking so high on your list, I know Bear McCreary does the music for that show so right there I’m intrigued. I will keep this in mind for something to watch during a winter or summer break.

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