My Failed Challenge Attempt

By | July 3, 2010

I was unable to complete the second annual Tube Steak Challenge for 2009-2010. At the count of 45.5 my quest to repeat the Tube Steak Challenge comes to a depressing end. Looking back on the year I think there were some highs, but it was a hot dog season filled with lows.

Not going out on May Long weekend was the lynch pin for this challenge, as you can expect to eat at least eight hot dogs over the course of a weekend.

We did a lot of barbecuing this year but our interests spread out to salmon and other meats more than the cylindrical snouts and entrails. I never went out of my way to eat a hot dog, and while 45.5 is a lot, it’s not enough. I will pick up some mustard and some fresh buns and hope that the third iteration of this challenge is a little more successful.

One thought on “My Failed Challenge Attempt

  1. Gordo

    Never before has an epic failure, been so good for you.

    You should always have mustard. You know this.

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