Velvet Mafia

By | October 14, 2005

A week ago I tripped and fell in a very dark and scary alley. There were racks of strangers staring back at me and when I got to my feet I ran. I ran for what seemed like hours, but in as much time as it takes to sing Happy Birthday I ran into the ringleader of the alley. After that my fate was sealed.

I have since joined a gang. This is not your usual bandana wearing, kitten-beating gang. This is one where they expect you to keep your nails trimmed, hair always done and know the latest acts on Broadway. The cloth that was best used on couches is now in a coat. The material that George Costanza would drape himself in is my ticket into the Mafia. That’s right, I now own a black velvet coat.

Velvet Mafia

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