By | October 15, 2005

“You cannot escape your destiny” Obi-Wan (Episode VI)

The modern day equivalent of a palm reader is doing a search for your full name into Google. When applying for a new job they shouldn’t do a security background check, they should Google search your name. When I search for my name the majority of the results are for bootlegs I have done. Trading and archiving sites as well as message boards reference the White Stripes, U2, Green Day and Tegan and Sara shows I released online. A little bit down the list Gord’s site pops up because of his Google-owning skills and referencing my name.

This was posted on the Mblog the other day:

Over the next three weeks I’m open to posting a few bootlegs on the site’s MP3 player if they sound reasonable enough. If you want to send something in, please make sure it’s in MP3 format and that it’s iTunes compliant”

Pearl Jam, known for their pro-recording has strict rules on what gear you can use, recently stopped my recording efforts at their September 5th show. I’m not comparing Pearl Jam to Matthew Good, but I like where Mr. Good is taking this. He is aware he cannot stop recording, and wants to embrace it to promote his live show. Pearl Jam did the same thing but ultimately only allowed tape recorders or Fisher Price gear to archive shows.

Perhaps when you reach a level of popularity your opinion and action changes. I hope that Mr. Good, and others of similar thought, stick to this, and continue to promote audio archiving by the people who support the live shows – the fans. Perhaps then a Google search on my name won’t look like an invitation for piracy charges but something to be thanked for.

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