By | October 25, 2005

Well, truth be told I have been sort of busy the last few days and in turn the Internet got neglected. I am on day eleven of twelve straight and am looking forward to having a few days off. I think I will finally finish Half-Life 2 and/or Republic Commando. Being a computer guy you have hook ups and one of those generous connections with Quake 4 and FEAR coming my way, so I think I will be able to enjoy myself on my impromptu vacation.

I put in my letter of resignation with Dell yesterday, so in six months time if you pass me on the street begging for change, you will know what lead up to that moment. Since I don’t have a good idea floating around I will just share a hodge podge of thoughts.

Halloween is coming up next week. Unfortunately I won’t be dressing up this year, but I did have a chance to reflect on past costumes. In the last few years I have gone as Mustard (Jenna was Ketchup) and a Jedi Knight. From “way back when” I was a hockey player, burn victim (Mother was a casualty simulation make up artists so I looked great), Ghostbuster and I think in Junior High I dressed up in drag. Oh youth, it can be so confusing.

A week back I received a new credit card in the mail. Never one to turn down credit I was pleased, but a little suspicious because I didn’t order a new card. I delayed activating it until I received another letter in the mail stating that my previous number may have been compromised so this was sent to keep the identity thief’s off my back for a few more months. Activating it wasn’t a big deal, but switching numbers with PayPal sucked.

After they charged me $3CDN, yes it’s not a lot, but they are charging me to continue service with them, I received multiple emails right away saying my “service had been cancelled” because I deleted my first credit card number. One of those emails was for my web service, and thinking I was going to lose my connection with the e-children I wrote a quick email and waited for a response. A day later, still nothing. And when I go to make this post, the host is down! Hopefully, since you are reading this, everything sorted itself out.

Oh yeah, here is something. Piracy doesn’t pay! I was attempting to activate Norton Internet Security 2005 yesterday on Dad’s machine, no worries, I know how this is done, and I’m an old pro at this. Once I found the proper information Dad’s machine was up and running but wherever I had downloaded this file from it had crippled my machine with Spyware. I attempted to do an image restore with Ghost, and it couldn’t find the HDD. Apparently the Maxtor 250GB doesn’t appear in BIOS, but shows up in Windows. So because I can’t do a quick clean sweep I attempted to use SpyBot, MS Anti-Spyware and AdAware to cleanse my machine. After multiple searches on each one everything they remove, keeps on coming back. So in an attempt to help Dad’s machine be virus free, mine gets beat down because of it.

Don’t cry for me Argentina and stay strong e-children.


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