We Are The Government

By | November 4, 2005

I feel like I have ignored my Friday plans, after three Matthew Good shows I just didn’t feel there was anymore left’oh boy was I wrong. I am about to get my soul handed to me by corporate-government-kickin” punk music tonight. Bad Religion and Anti-Flag will set the stage for what can only be considered my first punk show. I have been to a lot of concerts but these guys will show me what punk is, just like Scott and Slash from Velvet Revolver showed me what a true rock “n roll show is.

Bad Religion - November 4th

This will be the end of my week off since I quit my job for rock and roll and feel like I haven’t done a lot of anything. Attending four concerts is pretty sweet though and gave me an excuse all week long because, I’m unemployed. I don’t have to do any work today, I’m unemployed! It’s the gift that keeps on giving really.

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