My Good Deed

By | December 16, 2005

When I was updating the previous post todayI had a tough time pulling up the site. I couldn’t access it through my FTP either so I was a little concerned. I could PING the site fine but just couldn’t pull it up anywhere. And when it did come it up was sluggish, so for the time it was acting buggy I apologize – not too sure what caused that.

On the way home from work this evening Jetta and I avoided yet another accident. I believe this brings the total up to seven or so. And a good majority are on the Whitemud (or the Bridge of Death), and that’s where this one was. Right where west bound Whitemud meets the free flow lane for Fox Drive was an accident taking it down to one lane. The traffic was backed up for 2KM (by my odometer) and on Sonic 102.9 Adam Thompson asked for those who knew what was going on to call in. I did my good deed and told it how it was.

Eventually the update on the Whitemud Drive was given and I felt warm and fuzzy inside. I called in another time in the past to Zed 99 (out in Red Deer). On my way to work in Bowden I passed a quasi-accident that could pose problems but it was never aired so I made up for that today.

Together Jetta and I will clean up this city, we will be the new crime fighting force. Horrah!

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