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By | December 17, 2005

Before leaving Dell I wondered if I made the right choice. Was I leaving a secure job for something very risky? Would I be able to handle the workload? And most importantly, would I regret the decision? So far I can tell you that all answers point to “awesome choice”, but I think the below picture brings that message home.

My Work Desk

Yeah, I don’t regret leaving Dell at all. It was 4:30PM Thursday afternoon after I had just bought two burgers from Harvey’s when I was handed an ice cold Kokanee. It was a fantastic lunch, probably the best you could have while still at the office.

In other news, I was able to watch the four episode of CurlTV (the TV show on Sportsnet) which airs on Sunday and it’s a doozie. Don’t miss it! There is a good segment about the website and some hot-hot closeup action of my archive page. If only you knew how long it took to get that to work at 100%. There is also a lot of Olympic Trials coverage, and some timely burns about the Ferbey 4 not making it through. Oh yeah, there is also talk about nude female curlers, but that’s minor. So that’s Sunday on Sportsnet at 10AM MST – do it!

Have a good Saturday!

Edit: I think I am going to go for a My theme in naming the posts, ala the Scrubs naming convention. We’ll see how it works out, even if it’s for a week or something.

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