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By | December 5, 2005

On my way home from work yesterday I saw something magical happen. You ever have those moments when you’re driving and some other driver does something so ignorant or plain stupid that you wish a police officer was there to catch them? Well yesterday my wish was answered.

I was about five minutes outside of Millet doing a healthy 105km/h when this truck pulls out from behind the row of cars and does a power pass on four vehicles. He was going pretty quick when he passed me (I was the second car in of the four he passed) and carried on his way passing the two others infront of me.

He reached the front of the line when he realized that he was passing an RCMP cruiser doing over 120km/h and on a solid line to boot. He stuck the pass and not a minute later the lights came on and he was pulled over. Pure joy I tell you.

In further adventures of Jetta and I, our luck of missing accidents seems to be going full strength. The roads were a mess, vehicles fish tailing this way and that but ‘ol gray and I were strong. I was going west bound on Whitemud but the east bound traffic had problems everywhere. There was an accident about a kilometer past Quesnell Bridge and there was another one before the bridge. You think you made it around one mess and there is another one waiting to greet you a minute later. Jetta and I had no problems on our path.

Although, I guess by having such great fortunes in the Jetta I was bound to payback sometime. I received my first rock chip in the window shortly after seeing the second accident on Whitemud Drive. Perhaps it was karma, or maybe stupid luck but the smallest of dots in my window is all I see now when I am driving.

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