By | December 14, 2005

I seem to be doing a “one day on – one day off” thing here. Well I will make it up to you all, I promise*. I would like to say I have been busy, but it’s been my weekend and like any good weekend I have little to show for it.

On Tuesday Jenna and I ran our own Holiday Marathon. We spent five hours at West Edmonton Mall. Crossing one phase to another, getting gift ideas, spending cash and becoming frustrated along the way. It was everything you would expect from holiday shopping. The crowds were small so that made the experience better. I haven’t gotten tired of Christmas music yet, although I have been fortunate enough to have minimal exposure. I guess one thing about waiting until the end to shop is that you’re in the mall for less time? Does that logic make any sense at all?

And today, or what I refer to as New-Sunday I caught up on some TV. I watched the Survivor finale (go Danni) as well as the second last Apprentice (go Randal) and four episodes of Lost. I was only going to watch two, but after I made it to the third I had to find out what happened. I now have three episodes until I am caught up with the rest of the world and then I will be going through withdrawls like Charlie.

Also today I went skiing. I dusted off the Head TR20″s and went to Rabbit Hill. It’s a modest hill, but two hours of night skiing for $11 can’t be beat. Especially when the hill is quiet and the weather is good. I usually go skiing once a year but when I make multiple trips to the mountains this year I wanted to be prepared. Something occured to me though, there are two things I can do without on a ski hill: ice and snowboarders. And incidently, one is caused from the other. Huh, fancy that.

That should be all for now Internet, it’s been swell.

* actual promise may not contain anything real or of value

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