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By | December 12, 2005

We go to the voting polls in January and I have been trying to educate myself more on the policies and stances of the different parties. I feel like I have been coasting as a Canadian in the last five years so want to correct that in 2006.

In all honesty, politics bores me. The process on how items get taken care of is lost on me and usually forget which building in Ottawa takes care of what. A lot of dirty laundry gets cleaned on Parliament Hill and that’s all I know.

One hot topic for me is our connection to the Crown. My concern is the the needless spending that past Governor General Adrienne Clarkson did on her $5 million plane ride to three countries, or $90,000 rug in Riddeau Hall or how her spending doubled from $10 million in 1999 to over $20 million in 2003. But that isn’t one of the topics in this years election so I will quietly wait until the Queen passes on or a party actively takes this up as well.

Foreign aid, gun control, taxes and health care are all big topics this year; just as they were last election. Some things never change. When I took this quiz I realized how much each party is very similar on those topics. Take one view, and skew it just enough times to make it seem different for each of the four main parties. That’s the way it feels when you look at the parties on a whole.

I think the important facts in the Gomery Report are being overlooked by these “hot” topics when we still have a party in charge that was responsible for the sponsorship mess. And in the last week their popularity has gone up, of all things. I’m sure the government was always in a messy state but it’s not until you educate yourself about it do you realize that putting this country back together will be about as successful as rebuilding a Jenga stack in the dark.

Well, I got that out of my system. Now for something we hope you really enjoy. Once I have become a rich, rich man off of my famous Pancake House I think I will go into desserts. Jenna’s family knows of a recipe that uses Ritz Crackers and Skor Bar pieces with the perfect delicious blend of chocolate and salt. I want to further investigate the dessert qualities of Ritz Crackers. Perhaps offer it as a nice option, order a 10″ pancake and receive a mystery Ritz dessert? Order the 12″ pancake and receive two mystery desserts? This will require a few years of market research, but it’s for the greater culinary good.

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