Concert Countdown

By | December 11, 2005

With December nearing to a close I thought I’d reflect on 2005 A Year In Concerts. It has been a pretty succesful year with the chance to see a wide range of bands, and some that may never come back to Edmonton. There was also two trips to Vancouver for concerts, which is something I will be doing more of in the future (travelling to other cities). Without future adieu, here is how I spent my year:

  • February: Tegan and Sara
  • March: Velvet Revolver
  • April: Death From Above 1979, U2
  • May: Jakalope, Green Day
  • July: Thornley, Matthew Good
  • August: White Stripes (x2)
  • September: Pearl Jam
  • October: Arcade Fire, Matthew Good (x3)
  • November: Bad Religion

I’ve seen Matthew Good perform sixteen times, and he always puts on a great show. DFA1979 was raw and powerful, Arcade Fire was a display of pure talent and Bad Religion flat out rocked. But this years best concert is between U2 and White Stripes.

U2 is a very spiritual experience, and one I feel honored to be a part of. While in Vancouver for the U2 concert Jenna and I were able to be extras in the City of Blinding Lights video shoot where I was subsequently bodychecked by Bono in the last take of the song.

The U2 concert was also a great finish to an amazing week in Vancouver but I think the best show has to go to Jack and Meg White. Jack White is one of my guitar idols and to see him perform live was a thing of glory. There is no setlist when they take the stage so it’s all done on a whim which creates a genuine feeling, unlike U2 which is very rehersed. From beginning to end, Jack’s hands are on fire as he rips through songs and the chemistry between him and Meg is simple and honest.

It’s a tough battle, U2 vs. White Stripes for but the duo from Detroit wins by a small margine. With that said, in 2006 if either band come near the Canadian border (or even northern USA) I’m going.

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