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By | January 30, 2006

I finished The Broker the other night and was going to start on The Chamber. I bought The Chamber from a Value Village when I was living by NAIT with hopes of being one step closer to completing my Grisham collection. I saw the movie many years ago, it’s been so long the plot has been forgotten and thought the book would be good too.

I looked at The Chamber and realized it was nearly 700 pages. I like reading and all, but that book would have required some serious time investment, more than I currently have available. So, I put it back on the shelf and will get to it a few books from now.

What did I think of The Broker? It was a good read, dealt more with spy and conspiracy theories. There was no court room drama, but still had a hint of law throughout.

I have missed the writings of Palahniuk, and when I picked up Survivor and checked how many pages there were, the last page was numbered 1. Oh’what? Flipped to the front and it was 289. The page numbers and chapters all count down. I’m not sure what this book is about, but I think I’m going to like it.

The Broker Survivor

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