My Country Expedition

By | January 31, 2006

I was going to write about this sooner, but after finding my report cards from grades one through nine this is a little more relevant.

Grade 9 report card

How did I get 63 in skiing, while the average was 82? I love skiing and being outdoors, how is this possible?

It was a cross-country skiing course segment of P.E. (which I got 75 in) where we would do laps in the soccer field or go down by the park and ski along the creek bed. I did the loops without incident, generally had a good time. I even learned that jumping with cross-country skis was difficult, and one pair of skis didn’t make it back in one piece while I tested this theory.

Ultimately, one afternoon during P.E. Chris and I decided to head home and play a game of NHL97 on Sega. Mom had freshly baked cookies and it was a grand break from skiing. Thirty minutes later we’d strap in again and head back to school. No one was the wiser and planned another mid-skiing break for the next day.

This continued a few times, and eventually Tom joined in on the fun and snacks. I recall going home this time, playing Sega, watching The Brier all the while enjoying cookies. Unfortunately, that day was fresh snow so when our tracks went away from the rest of the pack the teacher found out and our punishment was coming.

I received a one day in-school suspension (to be served over two afternoons) and had to make up the time I had skipped out on skiing in the school yard by going into school early. Mom tried to stand up for me at the Principle’s office, but to no avail. I made my bed. Now that I have found nine years worth of report cards, stay tuned for possibly more exciting and embarrassing updates from my younger school years.

Oddly enough, now my boss is someone who routinely plays for, and wins, The Brier. Take that school system!

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