My Foreign Policy

By | January 7, 2006

It is 5AM. I am beyond intoxicated and I must count to one hundred. Well, I have to work in seven hours and I doubt I will be in much of a state to operate at full capacity. What is the occasion you ask? Gord and I had an improptu Boys Night 2K6 while we modded my recently acquired XBOX.

We have finished a 26 of Canadian 83, and I have also been responsible for finishing off the rest of Rootbeer Shnopps. I have taken photographs of a yellow submarine dragon, which I wil

l post pictures of when I reach home base later.

When the climbers reached the top of K2 they said “Let’s mix Vodka and Coke” and that is where we are headed now. We called this a Yoda in High School and we will drink it well.

Ice ice baby!

Update: Gord almost died coming down the stairs with fresh ice to mix the Yoda with plenty of Force and staying on target. He goes the distance. All goats go to heaven, sheeps go to hell!

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