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By | January 21, 2006

There appears to be some connectivity issues with my hosting. It looks like the database connection wasn?t being made, the main page was slow to load or some weird Internet voodoo was happening. Even trying to save this post caused time outs and trying to access my page through FTP was sketchy.

Regardless, I?m here telling you all that everything will be alright. That is, of course if you are viewing the page in Internet Explorer. The right side bar looks like it has a problem loading, but it works fine in Firefox – so, you?ve been warned. Problems after problems.

Last night I did something I haven?t done in many months, I drove home in silence. I just wasn?t in the mood for music so for the fifty minute drive it was only me providing the entertainment. I won?t go into the details of the conversation I had but it was a nice change.

Jenna and I are planning to spend our fourth anniversary somewhere down south. We haven?t really decided but Mexico, Cuba and Dominican Republic are the places that we?re entertaining. We won?t be booking the trip until July, with the actual departure occurring in November. Wherever we go I?m looking forward to duplicating Corona commercials, seeing a real palm tree and swimming in blue waters.

Yup, that?s all for me.

Southern Beaches

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