My New-Thursday

By | January 22, 2006

I was playing around with the feel of this page and have changed the image above as well as some changes in the CSS to match the image. The theme I use has several images and thought I would bring a little change to the madness.

I had always wondered what the image in the header was, and it turns out that it is the Weston Super Mare pier in the UK. The image I’m using now is the backyard of somewhere in Italy/Rome. Now that I know how to change the image/CSS of the site look for my very own picture to sit at the top of the page in the near future.

Tonight marks my first concert of 2006. Rake, Danko Jones and Live will be the opening acts for Nickelback. The tickets were a gift for Christmas and this will be one of those shows I wanted to see but couldn’t justify the cost, so I get the best of both worlds.

On another note, I won’t be recording the show tonight and am looking forward to experiencing a show without several hundred dollars of gear on me and keeping one eye on the crowd. It should be a great show. Nickelback has the ability to be really loved or despised but they know how to entertain with power chords and amps that go to eleven.


Also, Gord was hoping that the pictures from our all night drinking marathon would be forgotten when they left the main page’I can’t let that happen. For those still interested in the madness that went down that night, click here.

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