My Rebuttal

By | January 7, 2006

I am not sure how a hangover feels when you haven’t gone to sleep, but I think it would be something like this. Around 10AM, already 28 hours into my I’m Still Awake and Partying marathon I took the opportunity to have a ninety minute sleep.

You debate if the short sleep will really help in the long term, and I’m not sure if it is good or bad – but I was glad I took it. Had I not jumped for it I probably would have still been intoxicated when I got up and rushed out to work. Or it could have been the aquarium loads of water I consumed that helped me reach a sober state. Regardless, in what will probably be a 39-40 hour stretch since my last sleep that little nap will have been useful.

My greatest, and coincidentally, most challenging part in my day was when I arrived at work and had to make coffee. There was a fresh tin of Tim Hortons grounds ready to be broken into. Unfortunately the metal lid was still on it and all I had was a primitive can opener. It took some time, but I conquered and will have plenty of caffeine to fuel the rest of my day.

As you can tell from the last twelve hours of posts/comments, Gord and I ripped it up for no other reason than to test the modded XBOX and because we could. I will see if I can get the pictures online tomorrow, and perhaps some of what was written will make sense to you and me as well.

Waiter! There is a hangover in my cranium, can you please return this and bring me a fresh one? Thank you.

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