My Hung Jury

By | February 26, 2006

Carson, Stacy and Clinton all tout the company line when it comes to this topic. These are televisions fashion gurus and while they may disagree on what would be better to wear on a night out, they all say to use wooden hangers for your clothing.

The idea of why wooden hangers are the preferred choice of closets struck me after I was compelled to go to IKEA yesterday and buy sixteen more wooden hangers. In the last eight months I must have spent over $50 on these hangers but I have no idea why.

People say they are better, but that does not necessarily make it true. But, I went ahead and continued to buy more wooden hangers anyway. Metal hangers not only hold your clothing, they can be made into devices to retrieve your keys when they are locked from the inside or even act as a primitive finglonger.

Wooden hangers are the best for keeping a garment?s shape, especially suits, jackets and other heavy items. They are very sturdy, and since they come in a series to hang suits, jackets, pants, and skirts and blouses, they?ll give you a uniform look. But they take up the most room in your closet, and they?re expensive. Wood solves every problem except maximizing space and minimizing expense. link

Then there was this page which broke down the other types of hangers available (plastic, padded as well as magically enhanced expandable hangers).

I could not find anything to argue against the advantages of wooden hangers on Snopes or elsewhere so there must be some truth to this fashion folklore. In my research I came across a variety of sites devoted to selling hangers, but few had any hard evidence as to why wooden was better.

Then I found this site, which discusses concave versus straight hangers. Be warned, there is another conspiracy brewing where the wooden hangers we have been buying in the last decade will become inferior to their altered curved brethren.

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