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By | February 11, 2006

It was only one night, but it feels much worse. This is equivalent to cheating on your significant other. It meant nothing to me but after fourteen years of being loyal I cannot help but feel a little dirty.

What is all this about? Last night I saw the Edmonton / Minnesota game and cheered on the Oilers. When Edmonton potted one in I threw my hands up and joined my brethren at Rexall Place. I went with my boss from work and had great seats right at center ice.

The Edmonton fans have always been known for being loud so it was kind of nice to be cheering along with them, rather than being the odd one in the stands when I cheer for the away team. Edmonton lost 6-3 but not without trying.

The game was over after the first period but the Oilers came close but Minnesota was relentless as they outpaced the Oilers at every aspect of the game.

Going to the game last night reminded me of another curse that I have related to hockey. Although this one is far worse than my Canucks-televised curse and has been going on for nearly a decade. I have never been to an Oiler game where they won.

The six Vancouver games and two non-Vancouver games I have attended have never resulted in a win. There was one tie but the rest have been in the loss column. Since I came through on one of my other curses I will try and watch the next televised Vancouver game and see if I have repaid my debt to the karma police.

Edmonton Oiler fan

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