My Personal 900

By | February 5, 2006

Tony Hawk did one back in 1999. And now in 2006 I have joined his ranks.

When Aaron and I went to Banff last month I wanted to go there and back on a single tank of diesel. Sadly it was not in the cards and had to put some extra fuel in close to home. Last night, however, was an unexpected stress test for the fuel consumption of the Jetta.

My readings for mileage left in the tank showed that I had nothing to worry about. My round trip to work was 130km, and it showed 150km remaining. But as I merged onto the Whitemud heading to work the readings dropped dramatically. I played it safe. No major accelerations, did the speed limit and let off the gas where I could.

I got to work no problem, but I was 20km away from my regular gas station and the mileage left in the tank said I had 50km to go before the car became a huge obstacle on the road. I start driving away from work in the evening, on way to begin my expedition and the mileage remaining drops to 40. I hold my breath and continue to do the speed limit on Whitemud. 30. Oh dear, I’m about 8km away, I am sure I can make it.

I roll into Petro-Canada on the south side of Edmonton with over 900km on my trip meter and mileage remaining showing at 20. Just in time!

Personal 900

After I fill up, I am ready to push the limits again:

How Far I Can Go

In other news, the Vancouver/Edmonton game was on CBC last night. I am still avoiding all Canuck broadcasts because of my curse but I decided to tune in before I went to bed, just to check the score. 2-0 Edmonton. Nuts! Wait, Canucks break out, Sedin passes in front’Daniel scores, 2-1 Edmonton. Hmm, interesting development. Before risking anything I decided it best not to watch the third period and hope for the best.

When I awoke I checked the score and it was 3-1 Edmonton. I am not sure what to make of this curse I have with Vancouver, or if Edmonton just has their number but I hope it ends soon because I can’t miss a playoff game.

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