My Avril Have Not

By | April 3, 2008

I recently updated seagurs and rogersgurskywedding to WordPress 2.5 and there were some major updates to the admin side of things. Just now it took me a while to realize where the File Upload area was. Having gotten so used to how things worked on WordPress 2.3 or earlier it will take me some time to adjust but I’m sure these changes will be for the best.

April Fool’s came and went, like most people I was the subject of a devious YouTube Rick Roll. In addition to that I received a minor heart attack at the hand of our Newfoundland office which claimed all subscribers to CurlTV had their email addresses changed to someone else’s email.

Because this came in after twelve I said that the joke was on them but I wondered where I got the noon expiration from. Have I been living a half Fool’s Day all this long or is this an unwritten rule? Wikipedia does not mention anything about this time deadline, perhaps this is a decade long joke on me at the hands of my parents?

Is this spam? An incorrectly addressed message? Google mentions the phone number a few places, but searching for Sean Gustafson also brings up some results. At supper this evening Jenna asked how much money I would take to drink three quarter cups of soy sauce and I began to wonder if this Fear Factor email received me by accident or not.

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